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Glo Skin Peels | Radiance Holistic Health and Skincare Glo Skin Peels – Radiance Holistic Health and Skincare

Glo Skin Beauty provides professional treatments combined with homecare products to deliver transformative results for skincare professionals and their clients. Researched and developed with innovative, active ingredients, professional products complement retail products seamlessly, delivering your personalized prescription for healthy, beautiful skin.

Utilizing innovative technology and cutting edge research, Glo Skin formulas are designed with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin.

A chemical peel is also known as chemical exfoliation. It is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, décolleté or hands. 

Peels vary in strength and therefore the number of treatments needed to deliver optimal results and the associated downtime of the treatment, will depend on the strength of the peel and the acid used.


Smooths, hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. 20% Lactic Acid. Added antioxidants help repair damage and strengthen skin.

Suitable for combination and dry skin concerned with aging and hyperpigmentation.  Expected downtime: 1 – 3 days


Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties. Treats oily, congested or acne-prone skin. Helps rejuvenate, smooth and balance the complexion. 30% Salicylic Acid.

Suitable for oily and combination skin concerned with acne and breakouts.  Expected downtime: 1 – 3 days


This modified Jessner formula delivers a synergy of effective acids designed to create transformation, reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles and acne. 14% Resorcinol, 14% Lactic Acid, 14% Salicylic Acid

Suitable for all skin types and concerns except sensitivity.  Expected downtime: 1 – 3 days

A chemical peel is a topical solution applied to the skin to soften the dead skin layer and exfoliate the skin. Once those dead and damaged skin cells peel away a clearer, smoother and more youthful appearance is restored.  Dependent on the peel solution being used and the clients skin type, peels can be used to treat the following:

  • Fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
  • Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging
  • Treat certain types of acne 
  • Reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma) 
  • Improve the appearance of dull skin that will appear more radiant and rejuvenated post peel. Rough or uneven skin will become smoother

Glo Skin Beauty skin peels work superficially within the skin producing minimal downtime.


Dependent on your skin type, concern and peel formulation your practitioner may recommend pre-treatment with specific products. If this is the case, it is important to follow your practitioners instructions to ensure sufficient pre-treatment preparation has been carried out prior to your procedure.


The peel solution will be applied to the skin. Your practitioner will monitor your individual response to the treatment and this will determine the length of your treatment based on your level of comfort and key skin responses to the peel solution.

During your peel you may experience slight discomfort which may include stinging, burning, itching, tingling or a heat-like sensation.

After the prescribed application time the peel solution may be chemically neutralised to end the treatment although not all solutions require neutralising.


Initially your skin may be red and feel sensitive. Some patients experience stinging, burning, itching, mild pain or discomfort, tightness. These are all normal and expected results. It is important to remember that unlike other peels, you do not have to see visible flaking or peeling of the skin to achieve desired results. You may notice that your skin feels rough over the next couple of days due to enhanced exfoliation/light peeling. Many people experience fresh, clean glowing skin post peel, and the short term results are a bonus as the aim of the peel treatments is long term skin health through a course of treatments and home care.

The expected duration of ‘downtime’ is given as guidance only and it is worth noting that the skins response to chemical peeling may vary from client to client. Although the anticipated downtime for superficial peels is considered to be 1 – 3 days, in exceptional circumstances, clients may experience peeling for several days or even weeks afterwards. This will be discussed with you in more detail at your consultation. 


After a chemical peel the skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sunlight and other sources of UV light (tanning beds etc.), so it is recommended to avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen every day.

Your practitioner will recommend products for your post-treatment care.

Textural smoothening and improvements with acne prone skin can occur with 1 to 3 peels. Deeper textural changes require multiple peels. Noticeable improvements usually occurs following 3 to 6 peels.The most severe skin issues can take longer to improve. Results are best achieved in a series of treatments and may be combined with other types of aesthetic treatments to get the best possible outcome for your skin. 

Consultation Only (for advanced procedures)£30Redeemable against a course of 3 or more treatments
Hydra Radiance Peel£65
Course of 3£165
Course of 6£300
Beta Clarity Peel£70
Course of 3£180
Course of 6 £330
Triple Transformation Peel£75
Course of 3£200
Course of 6£350
Bespoke layered peel treatmentsPrice on application

Relative contraindications are determined by the skin type of the client and the problem being treated. Your practitioner will discuss these factors with you at your pre-treatment consultation.

Some conditions will prevent you from receiving a chemical peel treatment. These are known as absolute contraindications and include the following:

  • Active bacterial, viral, fungal, or herpetic infection
  • Recent surgery or open wounds
  • History of drugs with photosensitizing potential
  • Pre-existing inflammatory dermatoses (e.g. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis)
  • Facial cancers (especially facial melanoma)
  • Clients who are unwilling to comply with a strict UV protection protocol post-treatment. 
  • Patients undergoing Roaccutane (isotretinoin) treatment – current or within the past six months
  • Clients who are pregnant or breast feeding

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